AeroFlow K1600GT/L Hybrid AeroScreen

AeroFlow K1600GT/L Hybrid AeroScreen
AeroFlow K1600GT/L Hybrid AeroScreen
Product Description

After receiving requests from GT AeroScreen owners that were looking for more shoulder and passenger coverage we designed the GT/L Hybrid AeroScreen.

The GT/L Hybrid AeroScreen combines the most effective features of the GT and GTL AeroScreens to provide maximum coverage and protection. We've taken the GTL AeroScreen perimeter shape & width and combined it with the GT AeroScreens sleek curves and flared top.

Slightly shorter in length than our GT screens, the GT/L allows shorter drivers to see over when fully down yet provide over-helmet airflow when raised an inch to relieve low pressure.

Height Recommendations:
Basic Guidelines below. Recommendation can change if you have a short or long torso, aftermarket seat or handlebar risers.
-Standard Height for drivers with custom, low seats.
-Medium Height for drivers up to 5'10".
-Tall Height for drivers 5'10" to 6'3".
-Extra Tall Height for 6'4" and taller.

Use the measurements at the bottom of the picture above to determine where the top edge of the Hybrid screen will be relative to your line of sight. Measurements should be taken with the bike off the centerstand, on a level surface.
-Start with the screen in the full-down position. Pick the tallest screen that allows you to see the pavement about 30 feet in front of the bike for slow speed and city driving.
-Next, raise the screen about an inch or so. The top of edge of the screen should now be about nose level or just slightly below your line of sight. You need to raise the screen at least an inch to relieve low pressure achieve over-the-helmet airflow at freeway speeds.
-If you have to raise the screen more than 1 1/2 inches for the top edge of the screen to be nose level, try the next height screen. The taller the screen is, the less you have to raise it to get the air up and over your helmet. The higher you lift the screen, the bigger the gap gets between the bottom edges of the screen and the dash. The bigger that opening gets, the more air sweeps around the sides and hits your torso, arms, shoulders, etc.

Dimensional weight listed, will fit all K1600 machines.

AeroFlow K1600GT/L Hybrid AeroScreen
Produced by AeroFlow of USA

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