AeroFlow R1200GS ADV (06-13) Touring Half Fairing

AeroFlow R1200GS ADV (06-13) Touring Half Fairing
AeroFlow R1200GS ADV (06-13) Touring Half Fairing
Product Description

The AeroFlow R1200GS Adventure (and any R1200GS with tank guard) Touring Fairing is designed for maximum 2-up touring comfort and protection in all types of weather. In response to requests from many of our GS customers we've designed an alternative airflow solution that still provides excellent helmet and body protection but allows more airflow to the arms and lower body.

The primary difference between the Touring and Sport Fairings is the size of the fairing "Body" (lower-half of fairing). Except for the difference in Body portions, all of the Upper Windscreens and brackets for both Fairings are interchangeable. Existing R1200GS Touring Fairing owners can convert their fairings by just mounting a Sport Body and removing a couple of brackets.

Half Fairing Upper Windscreen Portion
-With upgraded cross-bar
-The Upper Windscreen portion allows airflow to the backside of the windscreen. This airflow combines with the air traveling on the front of the screen at the "flare" or "lip", pushing the air up and over your helmet.
-Upper Windscreen portion available in 4 heights: Standard, Medium, Tall & Extra Tall.
-Heights measured vertically from top, front edge of gas tank. With bike on center stand.

Screen Height
Standard 16 3/4"
Medium 18"
Tall 19 3/8"
Extra Tall 21 3/4"
The best way to determine the correct height, is to measure the heights available and go with the tallest one you can easily/comfortably see over.

Upper Windscreen width, measured horizontally with yard stick.
-Width at widest point: 20"
-Width at top: 14"

Touring Half Fairing Body Portion
Our Touring Half Fairing offers over the helmet airflow with no turbulence, no buffeting and no back pressure.
-Touring Body directs air down, out and away from the rider. The Fairing Body delivers lower torso protection and expands the envelope of protection.
-Fairing Body available in Clear or Smoke. Clear Body is paintable to match your bike, simply spray the backside of the Body with spray paint made for plastics.
-With special cuts to accommodate Adventure models or any R1200GS with Tank Guards.
-Fairing Body width, measured horizontally with yard stick.
Width at widest point: 24 1/2"

All "screen-to-bike" and "screen-to-body" mounting hardware must be loosened (6-screws) BEFORE adjusting the Upper brackets. Then Plastic must be adjusted as described, then hardware tightened in sequence as described in the mounting instructions, Step 6.

-Half Fairing will not mount properly with a Touratech Headlight Guard or similarly mounted covers.
-Non US R1200GS models may require longer turn signal stalks (Qty 2 BMW Part Number 63137667768) to fit thru the opening in the Fairing Body. You will also need to extend the wiring for each turn signal by 2".

Dimensional weight listed

AeroFlow R1200GS ADV (06-13) Touring Half Fairing
Produced by AeroFlow of USA

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