AeroFlow R1200GS WC (13-) AeroScreen

AeroFlow R1200GS WC (13-) AeroScreen
AeroFlow R1200GS WC (13-) AeroScreen
Product Description

AeroFlow Touring Solution for the watercooled R1200GS/GSA:
Our Touring Solution for the watercooled R1200GS/GSA consists of 4-Components: Start with the AeroFlow Touring AeroScreen and add up to 3 optional deflectors to customize your level of protection and coverage. HandFlare Extensions offer helmet and shoulder protection. AeroGards increase helmet, shoulder and upper torso protection. LegGards (GSW Only) expand torso coverage and protect all the way down to your knees.

Available in 3-heights in Clear Only.

Our Touring AeroScreens are designed deliver better protection than stock, without buffeting, for solo or 2-up riding. Delivers our signature, "Over-the-Helmet airflow while Looking-Over-Top" protection. The AeroScreens' larger envelope of protection also holds up much better than stock in heavy wind conditions.

Compared to stock, the AeroScreen's smoother aerodynamic surface and perimeter shape account for the major improvement in protection. Also, our screens are Taller in the center* and over 5" wider at the top for much better helmet protection. They're also 1" wider at the widest part of the screen for a much improved overall envelope of protection for driver and passenger.

Screen Height Recommendations:
Height recommendations are based upon beta-test and customer feedback and are "Recommendations-Only". Factors such as driver sensitivity, height, weight, inseam, helmet and protective gear, plus bike's seat, seat-height setting, use of bar risers, etc., are differences that may change suitability of screen height from driver to driver. Screen heights are measured from bottom to top at center of screens. Stock R1200GS screen is 15" tall at the middle. Stock GSA screen is 17" in the middle.

Standard Height:
2 1/2" taller than GS stock screen, 1/2" taller than GSA stock screen.
17 1/2" long when measured from top to bottom, center of screen.
Recommended for driver to 5'10" tall with stock seat in low position.

Tall Height:
4 1/2" taller than GS stock screen, 2 1/2" taller than GSA stock screen.
19 1/2" long when measured from top to bottom, center of screen.
Recommended for drivers to 6'-4" tall with stock seat/high position (Based upon beta tester results)

Extra-Tall Height:
6 1/2" taller than GS stock screen, 4 1/2" taller than GSA stock screen.
21 1/2" long when measured from top to bottom, center of screen.
Recommended for drivers over 6'-2" tall with taller than stock seat and/or addition of bar risers and/or addition of bar-backs.

AeroScreens provide the best protection possible while still retaining the stock mounting and adjustment features.

**Screen Height Adjustment Warning: BMW recommends (in the owners manual) that you do not try to adjust screen while driving the bike. "Stop bike to adjust screen". Good advice which we sometimes don't follow..We have our own warnings regarding screen height adjustment while driving. This is our personal experience & AeroFlow Corp. will not be held accountable nor assume responsibility for damage to screen adjusting mechanisms due to driver inability to follow warning. Do Not Try to Turn Screen Adjusting Wheel When Resistance Due to Pressure on Screen is Felt; Turning Adjusting Wheel under those conditions may break the adjusting mechanism. Note: Please tell us the year of your machine in the comments, dimensional weight listed.

AeroFlow R1200GS WC (13-) AeroScreen
Produced by Aeroflow of USA

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