AeroFlow R1200GS WC (13-) Off-Road AeroScreen

AeroFlow R1200GS WC (13-) Off-Road AeroScreen
AeroFlow R1200GS WC (13-) Off-Road AeroScreen
Product Description

AeroScreen Design:
Off-Road/Sport AeroScreens: Primarily designed to provide torso protection while leaving the driver's helmet in clean air. This is important to the serious off-road driver who wants protection while getting to the off-road riding destination, but wants to reduce the risk of breaking the screen if bike's dropped while off-roading.

Off-Road/Sport AeroScreens are also great for sport riding in the twisties 'cause they block wind to the body while allowing an unobstructed view of the road.

Off-Road/Sport AeroScreens are also great for around town driving and short trips, especially in the heat as they allow more cooling airflow to the body.

All Off-Road/Sport screens are designed to create clean airflow but need to be adjusted so helmet is in clean air.

As with the stock BMW screen, envelope of protection created by the Off-Road/Sport AeroScreens is greatly reduced when riding in heavy, gusting winds and turbulence.

1. Adjusting screen from full-down to full up will lift air about 5" at face or body.
2. Seat height adjustment from Low to High position drops where air hits face or body by about 3".

Height Recommendations:
Standard Height screen is best for all drivers only wanting air off chest, at lower speeds, and Off-Roading with little chance of breakage if bike goes down in dirt. For more street riding protection go with Medium or Tall Off-Road screen.
Medium Height screen is good for shorter drivers (up to 5'-10" with low seat) and blocks air to chest of drivers over 5-11" with seat in high position.
Tall Height screen provides almost as much protection as the stock screen while being shorter in length but wider at top. Provides over helmet airflow for short drivers with low seat setting, and takes air off chest for drivers up to 6'-4" depending on seat and screen height settings.

Note: Please tell us in the comments what year your machine is, dimensional weight listed.

AeroFlow R1200GS WC (13-) Off-Road AeroScreen
Produced by Aeroflow of USA

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