AeroFlow R1200RS WC AeroFlares

AeroFlow R1200RS WC AeroFlares
AeroFlow R1200RS WC AeroFlares
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Though relatively small and inconspicuous,​ ​the amount of additional comfort and protection AeroFlares provide is actually quite amazing.

A​eroFlares have been designed and extensively​ tested to ensure that they expand the overall envelope of protection and comfort for a driver and passenger. They accomplish this by diverting airflow away from the hands, arms, shoulders, torso,​ which also enhances helmet protection. The added protection not only increases comfort but also eliminates wind-induced fatigue making them perfect for longer rides. ​Their additional protection also lets you extend your riding season allowing you to ride more comfortably in cold and wet weather​.

AeroFlares attach to the front and side of bike's fairing with 3-M Dual-Lok which leaves a "Gap"​ for air to flow through between the ​Flare and fairing surfaces​. The flared surfaces at the top and sides of the AeroFlares pull air through ​that gap and causes it to merge with air coming off the front​ of the flare​. When those two airflows merge they eliminate turbulence and d​irect smooth, clean airflow out-and-away from from the hands, arms​, shoulders and upper torso.​ The sides and lower edge of the Flares ​work in the same manner but are designed to enhance and work in conjunction with BMW's stock side-deflectors to provide more lower torso protection.

Though designed to provide the best protection with our​ wider Sport and Touring AeroScreens on the bike​, ​AeroFlares also improve protection when using stock ​and othe​r ​less effective windscreens on the ​R1200RSW.

AeroFlow R1200RS WC AeroFlares
Produced by AeroFlow of USA



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