Arai RX-Q Aluminum Silver Helmet

Arai RX-Q Aluminum Silver Helmet
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Arai RX-Q Aluminum Silver Helmet
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When Arai set out to engineer their next innovation they had more in mind than just designing another helmet. Much more.

In fact, Arai set out to design a whole new category of helmet. One that listened to its racing heritage, but spoke to the open road with performance that all street riders could appreciate at street speeds and under conditions they face every time they head out. Conditions like changing wind direction and gusts, high and changing noise levels, oncoming traffic concerns and temperature levels at low speeds.

What came out of this exercise is the first helmet of its kind, the Arai RX-Q. With major improvements in helmet stability, noise control, increased peripheral vision range, and maximized low speed airflow all with increased comfort and security accomplished through advanced engineering.

The Arai RX-Q. Designed for the street without giving up the benefits of a racing helmet.

The New Arai Fit
The moment you put an RX-Q on your head you know something is totally different, totally new. If there is such a thing as “feeling safe” then the RX-Q exemplifies it giving the sensation that it is alive as it grabs onto your head and holds on enveloping your head in Arai’s legendary comfort.

An evolved version of Arai's Intermediate-Oval fit (as used in Corsair-V, Vector and RX-7 models), the RX-Q features further refinement and improvement of Arai’s famous fit and comfort ensuring that the RX-Q will fit the widest range of riders regardless of head shape.

A Shell Made Just for You
The mark of a great helmet manufacturer is the ability to manufacture a helmet shell as small as possible for lighter weight, a lower center of gravity, and greater stability in the wind for greater comfort over time and yet still be able to pass the Snell standard. Not an easy thing, especially in 2010.

Since the very beginning all Arai shells have been hand-formed by artisan craftsmen to ensure every helmet gets personal attention. This attention to detail combined with the most advanced helmet technologies in the world results in a helmet that provides a level of comfort and safety a machine could never produce.

Not Just Another Pretty Side Vent
With more aggressive styling, the side exhaust vents are part of the RX-Q’s new ventilation system that has been designed to deliver maximum airflow even on the street, but don’t just think of them as vents. The reality is their new design integrates with the shell’s ridge line to provide lateral stability and comfort via minimized helmet movement as speeds increase.

More Air Everywhere
More airflow means more noise, right? Most of the time the answer would be yes, but not here. The RX-Q's new advance ventilation system combines increased efficiency in air circulation with LOWER interior noise. And with greater efficiency, the RX-Q’s ventilation system flows huge amounts of air for massively improved ventilation even at street speeds placing the RX-Q at the top of the list of the best-ventilated helmets on the market.

Once again Arai Engineers show that the evolution of proven designs can result in substantial improvements without the pitfalls of changing directions on a whim.

Comfort and Quiet Beyond Your Wildest Imagination
Arai started designing the RX-Q around the cheek pad. That may seem a bit eccentric, maybe even a little crazy, until you realize the difference this seemingly simple component makes in the comfort and secure feeling of the all-new RX-Q. With 12 individual components assembled by hand, each RX-Q cheek pad is labor intensive, but well worth the effort because once a rider puts on a RX-Q they immediately realize the difference it makes in the RX-Q’s soon-to-be-regaled fit.

How can such a simple component make such a difference? Arai took the cheek pad to the next level sculpting it so that it became part of the helmet security and not just a comfort pad. As soon as you pull a RX-Q on (via its new wider opening for a more comfortable entry) the difference is instantly apparent. Besides possessing the legendary comfort of an Arai, once the RX-Q’s cheek pads slide into place they provide the most positive feeling from a helmet as they come to “cradle” your face for security provided by no other helmet.

But if it holds on tighter it must be uncomfortable, right? Not in the least bit. The RX-Q’s cheek pads’ ergonomically engineered contour has resulted in increased surface area that distributes its contact to a greater area for not only a secure fit and feel, but fantastic comfort without pressure points.

And as if that was not enough, Arai has engineered the shape of this new cheek pad to provide a better seal against noise right where most helmet noise originates. Add to that Arai’s use of a new sound-deadening foam, not to mention the new quieter ventilation system, and you have the helmet design that may well define Arai’s future in quiet helmet design.

One more thing the RX-Q incorporates is another Arai innovation, the Emergency Cheek Pad Removal System. And yes you have seen it copied by others, but hey, good ideas in safety should not be hoarded away. They should be brought to the masses.

So greater comfort, a quieter helmet design, all with a greater sense of security via a positive fit for more head shapes all because of a cheek pad. Yep.

Drop Dead Gorgeous...and Functional
The unique, sculpted Hyper Ridge is part of the RX-Q’s aerodynamic design that along with the diffuser and exhaust vents combine to provide a new level of stability. Arai’s first 100% wind tunnel designed and tested helmet, the RX-Q is stable not just in a straight line or at high speeds (like other companies racing inspired designs! knock, knock), but in the real world of constant head-turning, look left-look right, “where did that noise come from” street riding.

Structurally the Hyper Ridge circles the shell’s lower opening to improve shell strength, a lower center-of-gravity for a lightweight, balanced feeling you will fall in love with, and it allows for a larger entry opening for easier on-off without enlarging the shell. So no more buying helmets that are too big because of the helmet opening, not to mention that it looks pretty cool.

Aerodynamics for the Real World
Think of all the eggs you have ever seen. No crazy shapes or exaggerated add-ons that break up the organic shape, weaken the shell’s ability to dissipate energy, or catch on something should the worse case scenario occur. Nature kind of has a way of weeding out crazy ideas over the millennia.

When it comes to helmet design, Arai figures that all the R&D money in the world could not trump thousands of years’ worth of evolutionary design. Pretty good judgment if you think about it, because “safe” design is better than “cool” design any day of the week. Besides, Mr. Arai insists on it from his engineers.

So you won’t get over sized vents sticking out or massive triple-jump protrusions molded into an Arai helmet, but you will get something much more valuable. Arai shells are smaller size for size than shells from other manufacturers and share the organic shape of the egg for a simple reason. It delivers a wind-slicing yet stable platform for real world performance no matter which way you look or what bike you ride all while providing the best possible energy management platform. So why would Arai, why would you, make any other choice?

Peripheral Vision...Plus
The openings of a helmet are a very serious matter. It is only through careful engineering and advanced production techniques and materials that a manufacturer can enlarge these while maintaining their safety certifications. Conversely, wider openings and vent holes mean extra venting and a wider field of vision, so every rider wants them from a practical point-of-view.

Well, the RX-Q delivers on both fronts. A new large eye port means that peripheral vision has been extended for greater visibility and awareness of what is around you on the streets and byways of the real world.

And to make things even easier, the RX-Q uses the same visor as the Arai Corsair-V.

Arai RX-Q Aluminum Silver Helmet
Produced by Arai of Japan

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