6D ATS-1 Faceshield

6D ATS-1 Faceshield
[82-5001 or 82-5002]
6D ATS-1 Faceshield
Product Description

Replacement faceshield for the 6D ATS-1 helmet.

6D ATS-1 Faceshield
Produced by 6D of USA

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1 x Hornig 10-17 liter Waterproof Tankbag
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1 x Avon Roadrider Sport Touring 90/90-18
1 x Hornig Dual USB Adapter
1 x Hornig F800R (15-) Oil Cooler Screen
1 x BestRest CyclePump Expedition (straight chuck)
1 x Akrapovic R1200GS WC (13-)|ADV WC (14-) EU4 Black Slip-On Exhaus
1 x Akrapovic C600 Sport Slip-On Exhaust
1 x Adventure Motorcycling Handbook by Chris Scott
1 x Hornig 14-24 liter Waterproof Tankbag
1 x BestRest CyclePump Expedition (90 degree chuck)
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1 x Avon Roadrider Sport Touring 140/80-17
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1 x Hornig 12-16mm Stem GPS Mount
1 x BestRest CyclePump Tire Repair Kit (Tubed and Tubeless)
1 x Akrapovic G310R|G310GS Racing Carbon Exhaust System
1 x Hornig F800GT|F800R|F800ST|F800S Brake Pedal Extension
1 x BMW Motorcycles Flat Tire Repair Kit
1 x Airhawk DS Motorcycle Seat Cushion
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