Autocom Logic Kit

Autocom Logic Kit
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Autocom Logic Kit
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Whether you just want a simple portable rider phone and/or stereo music system, or just a rider bike-to-bike system, or perhaps a GPS and/or rider to passenger, this innovative new design can do it all, on any bike, at any speed, guaranteed, with or without earplugs, just how and when you want it. The new expandable logical mixing and control design sets new standards and again leads the way for others to follow, making it the logical choice for all your expandable rider audio communication needs. The Logic comes with 6 Aux connections as standard for your choice of GPS, phones and stereo music plus bike-to-bike. You can even add an optional single or twin, plug-in stereo Bluetooth wireless module, all providing seamless connectivity for up to 6 or more devices. You can add an optional passenger headset at any time and/or a choice of bike fitting kits that makes it easy and neat to fit and power under the bikes seat, in a pocket or even tank bag etc. No other brand offers so much flexibility, performance or choice at any price.

Ultra high quality, plug-in, noise cancelling boom microphone - Does an incredible job of picking up your speech while rejecting the maximum amount of undesirable ambient helmet noise.

Tuned active noise reduction filter with speech boost - Works together with the noise cancelling microphone/s to ensure even less noise is amplified through the system or speakers (typically rejecting 99% noise at 70mph and 95% at 100mph), while also boosting speech for optimum high speed clarity and use, tested to 180mph.

Voice activation (VOX) - Reliably turns the microphone/s 100% off while not speaking to ensure that ZERO noise is amplified through the speakers. This not only reduces riding fatigue but also means that all other audio such as bike-to-bike, GPS, phone and stereo music etc are completely free from any additional amplified noise.

Logical mixing and control with 6 Aux connections - For bike-to-bike, stereo GPS, stereo phone, stereo music, etc.

Optional single or twin, plug-in, stereo Bluetooth wireless module/s - For wireless connection of stereo phone/GPS/music etc.

Side-tone - Gives you the benefit of letting you hear your own voice clearly which helps you to naturally speak at the correct level according to varying helmet noise conditions, and this avoids unnecessary shouting that non-side-tone products normally suffer. Side-tone also provides you with important audio confirmation of correct VOX set-up and use, which improves rider to passenger communications as well as hands free voice activated bike-to-bike radio use. What you hear you know they will be hearing. Without side tone you simply cannot know this.

Full duplex - Allows both rider and passenger to speak naturally and freely and at the same time, either to each other or while on the phone. With full duplex there is no need to wait for a break, or “over!” Important local information can be communicated instantly and effortlessly at all times, e.g., “watch out for that truck” etc., even while using any other inputs. Important rider-to-passenger communications are never interrupted or lost while using any other features.

Independent rider and passenger master volume controls - Lets you manage the sound levels independently to each headset, making it ideal for use with or without earplugs or any combination. Each control is color coded for easy identification at a glance.

Independent high quality stereo amplifiers - Provides high quality stereo reproduction to each stereo headset.

High power, super slim, stereo speakers - Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, high quality speakers deliver all the sound you need for use with or without earplugs.

High quality, robust, water resistant headset leads and connectors - Designed to quick release in an emergency, with large orientation markings to ease alignment, even with gloves on.

12 months manufacturers warranty - With options to extend the manufacturers warranty to two or three years, for a small addition cost when you register your new product details directly to the UK factory using the reply form on the back of the instruction manuals or via email within 14 days of the original purchase date.

Kit includes:
Logic unit
Riders noise-canceling stereo headset
Passengers noise-canceling stereo headset (in Rider & Passenger kit)
Headset extension lead (2 in Rider & Passenger kit)
Standard phone lead
Stereo music lead
Full instructions

Autocom Logic Kit
Produced by Autocom of England


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