Bridgestone BT016 Pro Sport 180/55ZR17

Bridgestone BT016 Pro Sport 180/55ZR17
Bridgestone BT016 Pro Sport 180/55ZR17
Product Description

Evolution of Real MotoGP Technology - the latest MotoGP technology for all riders. Maintains performance level through complete tire life!

-Latest MotoGP Technology (construction/compound)
-New compound (“SILICA RICH EX”, “RC Polymer”)
-3LC for front & rear both (Handling up) ⇒ Massive improvement of “Practical performance” (Wet & Life) while maintaining “Dry condition” performance (Grip/handling/Stability)

MotoGP Technology
Grip evolution
-Hyper “grip” to win in MotoGP ⇒ Meet all riding style and feel great confidence

Optimize compound performance
Riding comfort evolution
-Hyper flexibility to response the strict GP regulation ⇒ Meet various circumstances(dry/wet/temperature)

Cover wide range of temperature
Wet Grip
Tire life evolution
-Hyper “life” to absorb GP machine's traction ⇒ Long life till the very end to be Completely worn out

New Compound
-New compound containing a combination of 2 special components, Silica Rich Ex & *RC Polymer offer massive improvement of Dry/Wet/Life/Less performance decrease.

RC POLYMER for Motorcycle
RC Polymer
-*RC Polymer can control the change of properties of rubber in any temperature and assist Silica effect.
-RC Polymer is developed by adoption of Bridgestone's tire material technology “NanoPro-Tech”

3LC (3 Layer Compound)
-Simultaneous pursuit of “Grip” and “Life” (appropriate compound placed in center and shoulder area)
-Center compound : results in good stability and wear life.
-Shoulder compound : provides grip and bump absorption.

-Provides good bump absorption, grip and stability during high speed riding. (Prevent performance decrease).

Bridgestone BT016 Pro Sport 180/55ZR17
Produced by Bridgestone of Japan



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