Cee Baileys K1600GTL|K1600GT Windshield

Cee Baileys K1600GTL|K1600GT Windshield
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Cee Baileys K1600GTL|K1600GT Windshield
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Original shield height for the GT is 20" tall & the GTL measures 24". Heights are measured from the bottom to top center and widths are measured at the widest point. Original width measures about 24" & all replacement shields are about the same (widths may vary slightly).

These replacement shields perform better than the originals & that's just the beginning. First, we lowered the center point and eliminated the geometric & hexagon shapes. We also filled in and tapered the sides for a more stylish look. In addition, we filled in the upper flat spots for better clarity and finally we straightened out the curved shape at the top for better optics. This angle change makes this shield stand about an inch taller than the originals of the equal length.

Our 26” version (extra tall) was specifically designed for the pillion in mind and works well for riders over six feet tall. Riders and passengers alike have confirmed a significant improvement for both. The result is a shield that reduces the turbulent buffeting effects that's associated with others. Five sizes & two colors to choose from for a shield that suits your riding needs. Whether it's a full sized touring shield or just a good looking sports shield, we make a shield that’s right for you.

The increased length of this lower shield design in conjunction with our shields straighter angle will offset each other. Base all height measurements off the original shields. For example, our 20” will measure about the same height as an original 20” once mounted.

For the ultimate air management, we now offer an attractive high quality five point Visor Vent (please choose below). These vents allow riders to fine tune the air flow for maximum performance. When adjusted to a high setting, it pushes the air up the inside of the shield resulting in air quality that you never thought possible (excellent head stability). When switched to an open position you’ll get a blast of refreshing air that’s makes it an ideal choice for hot or humid conditions. These vents provide a significant reduction in turbulence for the ultimate in wind management. It increases or reduces air flow in an instant which only makes our original design even that much better.

Manufactured from .187 aircraft grade acrylic and available in clear and light grey tint.

Please note: Dimensional Shipping Weight is listed. Cee Bailey's windshields are typically custom produced by order; shipping delays are possible. No returns on windshields that have been installed or on the road.

Cee Baileys K1600GTL|K1600GT Windshield
Produced by Cee Baileys of USA

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