Helmet SunBlocker Motorcycle Helmet Sun Visor

Helmet SunBlocker Motorcycle Helmet Sun Visor
Helmet SunBlocker Motorcycle Helmet Sun Visor
Product Description

Originally developed for aviation, now available to you. The Helmet Sunblocker is a plasticized, polymer film which is installed on the INSIDE your helmet, ABOVE your line of sight.

We are so sure you will like the Helmet Sunblocker, we will give you your money back if not completely satisfied. After all, we manufacture them and have dealers nationwide. In fact, HelmetHead Cycle evolved from the development of the Helmet Sunblocker.

As soon as you close your visor, your eyes become instantly relaxed. The Helmet Sunblocker casts a shadow over your eyes and face, keeping your helmet cooler.

No more squinting. No more sunglasses. No more sunburned faces. At the end of the day of riding your eyes are as relaxed as when you first started.

-Adheres to INSIDE of face-shield with soap and water like a decal.
-100% UV protection
-Fits ALL helmets with a face shield
-Fully TRANSFERABLE from helmet to helmet.
-No need to change face shields for day and night riding.
-Eliminates glare, Reduces Stress, Tension and Fatigue
-Cooler helmet
-Especially beneficial to those with skin problems from the sun
-100% Guaranteed
-An absolute "must have" for serious riders.

Easy Installation
Simply fill a bowl with warm water. Add liquid dish washing detergent and stir. Place the Helmet Sunblocker in soapy water and without removing face shield - and in the closed position, slide the Sunblocker into place on the INSIDE of face shield to the top of the visor, above your line of sight. Remove any bubbles with your fingers and let dry for approx. 30 minutes.

Once you've ridden a few miles, you will wonder how you ever managed without the Helmet Sunblocker.

Helmet SunBlocker Motorcycle Helmet Sun Visor
Produced by Helmet SunBlocker of USA

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