Interphone Sport Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom

Interphone Sport Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom
Interphone Sport Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom
Product Description

Interphone Sport is the intercom for people who love to stay connected. Thanks to Bluetooth® connectivity with your smartphone, you can listen to music with hi-fi sound quality and receive instructions from your navigator. And, you can share music with a passenger and listen to your favourite radio stations.

Combining technology and connectivity, Interphone Sport is the ideal travelling companion for people who love to have fun sharing the excitement of a motorcycle trip with friends.

It's equipped with advanced functions that enable it to connect to any Bluetooth® intercom on the market. It can be activated by voice command (VOX) and automatically reconnects if the connection with the other motorcycles is lost.

With Interphone Sport, receiving and placing those never-ending calls will no longer be a problem, thanks to its great battery life.

-Talk time: up to 15 hours
-Standby: 1000 hours
-Charging time: 80% charged in 1 hour
-New 80MHz digital signal processor (DSP) to improve the audio experience
-Direct function buttons (Quick Touch)
-User-friendly interface

-Genius Pairing: pairing between 2 or more intercoms by simply turning on one device
-Smartphone App: compatible with iOS and Android. Allows intercom configuration and control directly from the Smartphone
-Audio Mix: listen to music from FM radio and AUX outputs without interruptions. Possibility to communicate in intercom mode andlisten to music in the background at the same time
-Vox: intercom activation using voice commands (VOX). No need to lift a finger, the intercom is ready to follow orders
-Anycom: allows communication with all Bluetooth® intercom devices by different brands, in full duplex mode
-Automatic reconnection: if the intercom connection is lost, it will be automatically reactivated as soon as coverage is restored

-4-way: conference mode between 4 Bikes, or 2 Bikes with Rider + Passenger
-3-way: 3 Bikes or 1 Bike + 1 Bike with Rider-to-Passenger
-2-way: Bike-to-Bike or Rider-to-Passenger

-Up to 1.5 km in full duplex

-Speed dial: possibility to store one telephone number, with rapid redial via intercom command
-Voice call (depending on mobile phone model)
-Automatic redial (depending on mobile phone model)
-Call reject
-Last number redial
-Shared telephone conversation with passenger

-88.0 MHz to 108 MHz receiver
-RDS function (adjusts to best frequency depending on area)
-8 pre-set stations
-Automatic storage of first 8 most powerful stations
-Automatic radio mute for incoming calls

-Compatible with most major Bluetooth® navigation devices for motorcycles
-GPS voice instructions
-Compatible with most major smartphone navigation Apps MP3 / MUSIC
-Wireless MP3 music (A2DP/AVRCP) through Smartphone and MP3 player
-Song Sharing: music sharing between rider and passenger

-Firmware update-ready directly from PC (Windows)

-Majority of helmets on the market
-All smartphones equipped with Bluetooth® technology
-GPS navigation devices with Bluetooth® technology and HFP profile
-Intercoms by other brands
-Earlier Interphone models

-Waterproof level: IP67

-Pre-recorded voice messages (with updatable multi-lingual packages)
-Directional wind-proof microphone
-NDVC - noise dependant volume control
-Dual volume adjustment mode - a) for jet and modular helmets - b) for full face helmets
-Input audio test: test to check the device's audio

-Chipset: low-energy high performance processor
-Bluetooth® version 4.1
-“Infinity” battery with record autonomy
-Fast charge: recharges intercom at maximum speed. In just 60 minutes, 80% of the battery will be charged. 20 minutes of charging is equal to approximately 6 hours of conversation. Furthermore, thanks to the electronic protection circuit, the battery is protected and charging is optimised
-Double USB connecter charging cable
-Connectors for microphone and speaker (MINI USB) and for charging, data and AUX (MICRO USB)

-Control unit rapid release system
-Double installation bracket for helmet (clip and adhesive)
-Internal audio unit with ultra-thin earpieces
-Boom microphone (jet and modular helmets) and adhesive pad microphone (full face helmets)
-Micro USB data and charging cable

-Weight: 55 g
-Length: 86.9 mm
-Height: 50.4 mm
-Depth: 22 mm

Guaranteed against manufacturing defects one (1) year from the original date of purchase.

Interphone Sport Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom
Produced by Interphone/Cellular Line of Italy

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