Phoneshield iPhone 5 Case

Phoneshield iPhone 5 Case
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Phoneshield iPhone 5 Case
Product Description

The Phoneshield™ iPhone 5 case is the most versatile case and mount combination in the world. It fits an active lifestyle whether the user is motorcycling, bicycling, or participating in any activity where they would want to mount and display their iPhone 5. The Phoneshield™ iPhone 5 case is even applicable to certain water sports where full submersion is not required, such as stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. With the Phoneshield™ iPhone 5 case, users have the option to utilize the included mounts or add the case to an existing Ram Mount® or Techmount® for specific applications.

SECURE LOCK - The case securely screws into the mount, insuring the Phoneshield case will only detach from the mount when you want it to.
SHOCKPROOF - The Phoneshield case will protect an iPhone 5/5S from unexpected drops. Drop tests conducted from multiple angles have made this a real shield for your phone.
WEATHERPROOF - Shield the iPhone 5/5S from the elements while riding. The case will even protect the phone from brief submersion under water. Mounted - rain, sleet or snow will not stop you.
FUNCTIONAL - Having a Phoneshield does not sacrifice usability of your phone.
SCREEN PROTECTION - The matte screen protector on the Phoneshield keeps your phone protected from scrathes and damage while on the road.
TOUCH SENSITIVE - While shielded the phone touchscreen is 100% functional. Keep in mind if your gloves do not work with the phone touchscreen without the Phoneshield, they will not work with the Phoneshield.
CAMERA READY - The iPhone 5 5S built in camera can be used for photos or videos without having to take the iPhone out of the Phoneshield.
SWIVEL 360 - The orientation of the phone can be adjusted for highest ease of use. Rotate your phone into landscape mode and use it for GPS.
AUDIBLE SPEAKERS & MICROPHONE - There is no need to take your iphone out of the cases to use the speakerphone. Unlike other hard cases, the Phoneshield allows your speaker and microphone to pass through, making the speaker-phone usable.

In the Box
Phoneshield Case for iPhone5 - Rugged hard case protects your iPhone 5 from all weather conditions and can even withstand light water submersion. Rubber liner helps reduce shock.
Daily Use Case - Daily use case protects your phone while not in the Phoneshield case. You can use your Phoneshield case with or without this case.
Quick release with Secure Lock - The Phoneshield case mounts onto this quick release. You can screw the quick release into the Phoneshield case for extra security. Once secure, you can rotate the screen 360°.
Universal Handlebar Mount - Use this to mount to round handlebars of varying size. The head of the mount is on a ball that allows you to rotate your screen. Combined with the quick release you get two points of adjustment.
Adapters - Change the adapters out along with the universal handlebar mount to mount to different size handlebars.
Flat Surface Mount - Use this to mount to screw into a flat surface or existing Techmount and Ram Mounts.
Rubber Base - Use this between the surface you are screwing into and the mount itself.
Zip Tie Base - Use with flat surface mount or top of universal hanldebar mount.
Zip Ties - 15” zipites x 2 to use with zip tie base.

Phoneshield iPhone 5 Case



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