Remus S1000RR (17-) Racing Exhaust System

Remus S1000RR (17-) Racing Exhaust System
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Remus S1000RR (17-) Racing Exhaust System
Product Description

No other REMUS product range is so deeply entrenched in motor sport compared to the complete system and muffler range available for many road going motorcycle brands. Scores of wins in many different racing Championships and classes underline the performance of the REMUS product and forms the basis of technology transfer from the race track to the street.

According to the slogan "Winning in professional motor sport is the minimum expectation from our customers“, REMUS R&D engineers ensure that their technical experience from motor sport projects flow directly into the production process. Regardless of which type of street bike, tourer or cruiser, REMUS offers high performance complete systems and mufflers made from precious materials, in an exciting design and featuring the sonorous sound of champions.

-Titanium or stainless (choose below) header (4-2-1) with conical tubes
-full Titanium Racing HEXACONE muffler

-High grade material (stainless steel/titanium/carbon)
-Performance and torque increase
-Sporty, sonorous sound

Dimensional weight listed

Remus S1000RR (17-) Racing Exhaust System
Produced by Remus of Austria

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