Riding in the Zone by Ken Condon

Riding in the Zone by Ken Condon
Riding in the Zone by Ken Condon
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If you want to learn new techniques for riding more skillfully, Riding in the Zone is made for you! This newest book in Whitehorse Press’ Riding Skills series will help you develop the physical and mental skills that will enable you to ride with more confidence and joy. The included DVD demonstrates many of the concepts and techniques discussed in the book and describes practice drills to help you apply the lessons quickly and easily to street riding.

We all know that riding motorcycles is fun, but Ken Condon maintains that a special mental state beyond simple pleasure awaits riders who achieve a high level of riding skill and mastery. It’s the experience of being physically and mentally present in the moment, where every sense is sharply attuned to the ride. Your body responds with precise, fluid movements; you feel in balance, your muscles are relaxed, and it seems as though every input you make is an expression of your mastery of the sport. Some people call this being “in the groove” or “in the zone.” This book shows you how to get there.

Written for early-intermediate to early-advanced riders, Riding in the Zone offers valuable insight into perfecting each rider’s own personal riding style for maximum enjoyment and satisfaction. In a clear, highly visual style with detailed diagrams and extensive full-color photos and illustrations, Condon identifies the many factors that help you enter “the zone.” With more than three decades of motorcycling under his belt, Ken Condon has had many opportunities to experience the zone—while road racing, dirt biking, and even commuting in heavy traffic—and help students find it as well. He will show you how the ability to ride “in the zone” goes hand in hand with mastering basic motorcycling skills and achieving mental and emotional control.

Paperback & DVD: 144 pages, DVD is double-sided, with the European PAL standard and the North American NTSC standard on the other.

Format: 8 by 10 inches, 230 color photos and illustrations



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