Schuberth C3 Dark Anthracite Helmet

Schuberth C3 Dark Anthracite Helmet
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Schuberth C3 Dark Anthracite Helmet
Product Description

The quietest and lightest flip-up helmet on the market, the Concept 3 is the choice for the ultimate riding adventure. Its revolutionary compact design is not only ultra quiet at a sound rating below 84dB at 60 miles per hour but ultra light at close to 1650 grams (3.6 pounds).

Engineered from lightweight fiberglass reinforced with Duroplast and a layer of Dyneema, the C3 is available in two shell sizes. Optimized in Schuberths own wind tunnel, the helmet is ideal for long distance and sport riding. The C3 owner will experience less stress on neck muscles, lower wind drag, and better stability while riding at higher speeds.

A paradigm of comfort, performance, and protection, Schuberth helmets meet both DOT FMVSS 218 compliance in addition to the rigorous ECE 22.05 standard. Mandated by more than 50 countries, the ECE standard is the most common international standard for motorcycle helmets.

High Performance Aerodynamics
-Directionally stable with no drifting
-No oscillatory tendency
-No buffeting
-Reduced drag = less fatigue

Maximum Ventilation
-Nearly 7 liters (2 gallons) of fresh air per second at 60 MPH
-Specially developed ventilation system increases air flow and reduces heat and moisture
-Lining flap system adjusts according to the season, weather conditions, and personal preferences
-Chin vent directs cool air to the inside of the visor to provide more oxygen flow inside the helmet

Internal Sun Visor
-High visibility at all times of the day
-Quick activation lever for extra safety
-Perfect for fast changing weather and road conditions
-Lever at the left bottom of helmet, double cable system (push-pull)
-Anti-fog coating on both sides of the visor

Different Helmet Shell Sizes
-Flip-up helmet with an astonishingly compact design (small shell SM-LG, large shell XL-3XL)
-Weight: Under 1650 grams (3.6 pounds) depending on shell size including integrated sun visor and acoustic collar

Top Aeroacoustics
-Less than 84dB at 60 MPH on a motorcycle without fairing
-Integrated acoustic collar and removable anti-noise pad
-Optimized in Schuberths wind tunnel -Reduced noise level assists riders concentration and attentiveness; traffic noises can still be heard

-Schuberth faceshields are rated Optical class 1, signifying nearly distortion free vision that minimizes the adverse effects of lengthy trips on eye fatigue and headaches
-Effortless lift or lower of shield due to finger tabs
-Quick release faceshield mechanism (no tools needed)
-Blocks akmost 100% of UVA rays and 100% of UVB and UVC rays
-Unique "turbulations" minimize whistle effect

Pinlock Visor
-Included Pinlock visor
-Prevents fogging faceshield
-Sealed double-lens technology

-A.R.O.S. (Anti-Roll-Off-System) - The Anti-Roll-Off-System developed by Schuberth is provided as a safety feature in every Schuberth motorcycle helmet. If the chinstrap is closed and correctly adjusted, the A.R.O.S. ensures:
-the helmet cannot pivot off the head from behind
-the risk on contact between the chin section of the helmet and the chin or neck of the rider is minimized due to a small angle of tilt
-and the risk of the helmet coming into contact with the chest as the result of an accident is reduced

Helmet Details
Outer shell
-The outer shell of the C3 combines an aerodynamically optimal shape suitable for riding with excellent protection.
-Material: S.T.R.O.N.G. fiber
-Fiberglass and Dyneema with a special resin added is compressed in a pressurized vacuum to form an exceptionally sturdy helmet shell

Inner shell
-Multiple density single piece EPS
-A complex modular structure allows optimal shock absorption
-Channeled for optimal ventilation

Inner lining
-The innovative interior lining of the C3 features excellent fit and optimizes ventilation.
-COOLMAX pad system
-Optimized fit thanks to MaxFit concept fitting
-Soft, warm, and breathable Techskin material
-Variable pad system ensures effective ventilation
-Allergen free
-Hand washable at 86 degrees Fahrenheit
-Removable cheek pads

Fastener system
-Equipped with a micro-lock ratchet lock

360 degree reflectivity
-Improved visibility ensures enhanced safety in the dark
-Reflective pad embedded in the neck collar
-Additional reflective areas on the front and sides

Service Plan
-Schuberth is offering a special 3 year Service Plan on new C3 and C3W helmets purchased in North America. After registering (, the customer receives a certificate that can be redeemed for a non-safety related helmet inspection and adjustment within 3 years of purchase date. Just present your original purchase receipt and certificate for this free service. This service does not include any parts necessary, and all safety-related issues must be referred to Schuberth NA.

Mobility Program
-Schuberth's highest priority is the safety of our helmets user. We believe our customers should always wear the optimum helmet, and not purchase a "cheap" replacement if their Schuberth is damaged or ruined as a result of a motorcycle accident. The Schuberth Mobility Program is a free program that offers customers the opportunity to replace their helmet with the same model for one-third of the current retail price within one year of the accident. Requirements are proof of pre-registration (online), drivers license with valid motorcycle endorsement, the police accident report, and original purchase receipt. This program applies to all C3 and C3W helmets purchased in North America for 3 years after purchase date.

-Schuberth offers a 7 year manufacturers warranty from date of manufacture, with a 5 year warranty from the date of purchase on the C3 and C3W helmet, whichever comes first. Please note that this applies only to helmets manufactured to meet the DOT standard and purchased in North America.

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Schuberth C3 Dark Anthracite Helmet
Produced by Schuberth of Germany

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