Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera

Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera
Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera
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The Sena Bluetooth Action Camera Prism is the first camera on the market that provides authentic Bluetooth technology. The Sena Prism is an ideal solution for the users who want to record their adventures while capturing their video and voice on-the-fly. The all new Prism is Bluetooth 4.0 capable with 1080 FHD video recording featuring Bluetooth-based remote control and voice prompt.

The Bluetooth function of the camera is exclusive to Sena and creates a whole new experience for the users by providing unique Bluetooth capability such as remote voice recording, remote control, and useful voice feedback from the operations. For motorcycle riders, Sena provides unique mounting accessories, the QRM (Quick Release Mount) system, which enables riders to quickly attach and detach the camera to change the view through the use of a variety of mounting options such as the windshield mount, fog lamp type mount, and side mirror mount. The Sena Prism is the perfect addition for every adventurer with Bluetooth technology in action.

-Bluetooth 4.0
-Bluetooth Audio Recording
-Supports Ultra HD Voice Recording when using Sena Bluetooth products
-Quick and easy Bluetooth Remote Control using Bluetooth headsets
-Unique QRM (Quick Release Mount) system
-Versatile microphone option: built-in microphone, Bluetooth headsets or Bluetooth microphones
-Voice prompts
-1080p FHD video recording with 5MP still shot image capture
-Video mode: 1080p:30fps, 720p:30/60fps, 480p: up to 120fps
-Versatile photo mode: shot, time lapse and burst
-1m waterproof without a case
-40m waterproof housing
-Can be used while charging
-Firmware upgradeable

Bluetooth 4.0
The Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera is the first on the market to come fully Bluetooth capable. While the Sena Prism supports full compatibility with Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth products including remote audio recording, remote control, voice prompt, and more, it supports other Bluetooth headsets in the market that support handsfree profile (HFP) and audio/video remote control profile (AVRCP) with limited but still useable functionality. With the use of Bluetooth headsets, the Sena Prism provides exceptionally smarter wireless features for adventures.

Bluetooth Audio Recording
With the use of Bluetooth headsets, the Sena Prism allows users to add their voice to the video on-the-fly using Bluetooth Audio Recording feature. Along with their own voice, riders can include audio from their companions through the use of the intercom to create a mixed audio experience. Being able to narrate the video during recording not only provides users a whole new experience but also reduces the need for follow-up audio editing allowing for in the moment audio experiences.

Bluetooth Remote Control
While most cameras require wires or direct touch communication from the riders, the Sena Prism can be handsfree by the remote control capability from Bluetooth headsets. The wireless remote control helps to use less energy and allows for more versatile control through the audio/video remote control profile (AVRCP) of Sena Bluetooth products. The wireless remote control also uses less power consumption with Bluetooth technology compared to the consumption of using Wi-Fi.

Voice Prompt
The Sena Prism comes with a voice prompt feature that allows users to receive clearer feedback from operations such as video start/stop commands, voice recording, communications, and more. Utilizing voice prompts helps to eliminate the concern and uneasiness of knowing which mode, whether on or off, while the camera is being used.

Capture Just What You Need
The Sena Prism is made to compliment the users experience and allow for easy of use. Many users utilize action cameras to record their adventures, long and short, for both personal and informational use. Sena created advanced technology to provide a better equipped action camera than what is on the market by providing meaningful improvements for real-world application. The easy-to-use wireless remote control along with the voice prompt feature enables users to perform camera controls more quickly and frequently to help maximize the ease-of-use while in action. Users are able to maintain control over the camera every step of the way to ensure all the action and excitement is captured. Removing the difficulty of operating the camera and providing easy-to-use features offers control over every scene and adventure. The Sena Prism provides a new experience in capturing the users adventures by providing easy to control features, reducing the number of recorded scenes, reducing the file size of video clips, and extending the battery life for the efficient camera control.

QRM System
The Sena Prism also features its unique QRM (Quick Release Mount) system. The QRM allows users to quickly install and uninstall the camera as needed helping to reduce the time spent setting up during adventure. The QRM comes in various types to accommodate different adventures and recreational vehicles. The QRM types feature fog lamp base, windshield base, surface adhesive base, protection bar/engine bar base, fork slide base, and side mirror base.

All Sena products are firmware upgradeable and it allows Sena headsets to always operate at their peak and have the most up-to-date functionality and options for rapid technological advancements in smart phone and Bluetooth devices. The firmware upgrades are available for free when available to all registered Sena customers.

Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera
Produced by Sena of Korea



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