Touratech R1200GS WC (13-)|ADV WC (14-) Expedition Skid Plate

Touratech R1200GS WC (13-)|ADV WC (14-) Expedition Skid Plate
Touratech R1200GS WC (13-)|ADV WC (14-) Expedition Skid Plate
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Finally, an R1200GS skid plate built to withstand the rigors of a serious adventure. The R1200GS water cooled boxer is made to be ridden off-road, but has no frame underneath the motor to protect it from hazards on the ground. The exhaust manifolds, which are routed under the engine, are also exposed, making the skid plate a true necessity. Touratech has raised the bar by engineering a skid plate with 3 levels of impact-absorbing protection for your R1200GS liquid-cooled engine.

The foundation of the Expedition skid plate is a 4mm Stainless Steel reinforcement plate which is engineered to absorb and disperse impact forces by linking together 6 solid mounting points on the aluminum skid plate and 5 on the motor.

The next level of protection comes from the heavy gauge 4mm aluminum skid plate engineered with corrugated channels for maximum strength and stiffness. The broad coverage of the Expedition skid plate protects the exhaust and engine case on the R1200GS 'water boxer'. The 6 mounting bolts are recessed in the channels for added protection and ease of service. The front of the skid plate extends upwards enough to protect the GS's vital oil filter and cooler which are left exposed from the factory.

The Expedition Skid Plate is finished with high-strength, fiber-reinforced polyamid nylon sliders that absorb impact and provide a sliding surface for negotiating obstacles. The rails also protect the bolt heads from rocks and other ground hazards.

Touratech's Expedition Skid Plate offers unprecedented protection for your R1200GS water boxer engine. The heavy gauge stainless steel mounting plate absorbs impact while supporting the oversized 4mm contoured skid plate which has integrated polyamid nylon rails that absorb impact, protect bolt heads and provide a sliding surface for overcoming obstacles.

Expedition Skid Plate Highlights:
-Complete coverage of oil filter/cooler and exhaust headers
-Heavy gauge 4mm aluminum construction with stainless steel reinforcement
-Mounting bolts are protected
-Corrugated Channel shape for maximum strength and protection
-Ultra-strong Stainless Steel sub mount absorbs impact force
-Low Profile design maximizes ground clearance
-Removable Poly sliders absorb impact, protect bolt heads and provide a slide surface
-Precision crafted at Touratech in Germany

Dimensional weight listed

Touratech R1200GS WC (13-)|ADV WC (14-) Expedition Skid Plate
Produced by Touratech of Germany



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