Twinmax Electronic Throttle Body/Carb Balancer

Twinmax Electronic Throttle Body/Carb Balancer
Twinmax Electronic Throttle Body/Carb Balancer
Product Description

The benefits of correct throttle body/carburetor balance :
With use, the chain of cables, rods and linkages that connect the throttle to the throttle bodies/carburetors will stretch and change their tolerances which results in the slides or butterflys operating at slightly different times from one another. This produces an imbalance in the fuel delivery of the engine due to unequal amounts of air entering the cylinders at any given time. Throttle body/carburettor balance, or synchronisation, is essential for the efficient running and longevity of your engine. Any imbalance in the timing, or amount of, throttle opening amongst the throttle bodies/carburettors on your engine will result in reduced performance, poor throttle response, excessive fuel consumption, increased vibration and increased stress on the crankshaft and bearinqs.

Regular balancing with the TWINMAX will ensure your engine performs at its best at all times.
- Use with virtually any machine!
- Suitable for fuel injection systems
- Use with any number of cylinders
- Absolutely Accurate
- Electronic - no moving parts
- No Mercury or springs or weights
- Unit not position sensitive
- Compact
- Portable
- Easy to use.

The advantages of the TWINMAX balancer :
Other balancers use either dial gauges or tubes containing mercury or spring loaded weights with one gauge per cylinder and any adjustments to the throttle bodies/carburetors are made according to the readings on each of these gauges. This means that not only is there the potential for errors to due to the moving parts of each gauge, it is very difficult to ensure that each gauge gives exactly the same reading on a given amount of vacuum, due to variances in manufacturing tolerances, friction differences, volumes of mercury or tension of springs.
The TWINMAX is different. The TWINMAX works by comparing the vacuum present on either side of a single pressure sensor and shows this difference as a meter reading. The throttle body/carburettor being calibrated at that time is then adjusted until there is no deviation on the meter! No potential errors and only one reading to make at any time!
Synchronising throttle bodies/carburetors with the TWINMAX is simple, quick and gives professional level accuracy every time !

Warranty :
Subject to normal use, this product is guaranteed for a period of one year from date of purchase.

Twinmax Electronic Throttle Body/Carb Balancer


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