UClear HBC200 Force Bluetooth Headset

UClear HBC200 Force Bluetooth Headset
[211222 or 211223]
UClear HBC200 Force Bluetooth Headset
Product Description

HBC200 Force Bluetooth helmet communicator for 10+ riders without boom microphones!

Multi-Hop Technology UClear HBC200 introduces Super Group Intercom and Multi-Hop technology, specifically for group communications with full duplex intercom. Multi-hop technology, used in military tactical communications, provides superior sound quality and connection stability over Bluetooth intercom systems that suffer from interference and are “line of sight” dependent. By incorporating Multi-hop technology, each UClear HBC200 control unit works as a repeater or relay station, enabling the network to grow as more control units/riders are added to the group. Depending on riding conditions, the intercom range between two riders is up to 700 meters. Adding a third unit/rider increase the intercom range up to an additional 700 meters. Add a fourth rider and the entire group can communicate up to 2100 meters (1.3 miles) in full duplex intercom mode.

-Multi-hop technology intercom
-Up to 700m
-Support large group intercom up to 10 or more
-Fully duplex communication
-Multiply your range through hopping
-Aerodynamic design
-Firmware upgradeable
-Auto volume adjustment
-Suitable for both open-face and full-face helmets
-Powerful speakers ensure clarity under noisy conditions
-Ruggedized weather-resistant design

Music Enjoyment
Unique speaker design delivers HiFi grade music entertainment like your home audio equipment. Riding a motorcycle has never been more enjoyable.

UCLEAR-HBC200 is designed to be splash, rain, dust and snow resistant. It continues to perform in different environments.

-The HBC200 Force Powersports Communications System includes all the great features of the HBC100 system, plus advanced features for extended range, multimember groups, and enhanced voice clarity.
-Connect in many ways. Latest Bluetooth technology allows you to make and take cell phone calls, connect directly with others, and listen to your favorite music.
-Include everybody in the conversation. Full-duplex intercom system expands connection availability to an unlimited amount of riders in your group and increases the connection range up to .4 miles between each HBC200 unit.
-Make sure they hear what you’re saying. Boomless mic, high-quality speakers, and noise suppression and patented ABF® technologies eliminate road and engine noise and other ambient sounds for clear conversations.
-Talk to the lead riders even if you can’t see them. With 10 users connected, Multi-Hop Technology® extends maximum range to nearly 4 miles and allows non-line-of-sight connections.
-Ride in any weather. Water and temperature resistant. Operating temperature from -30ºC (-20ºF) to 60ºC (140ºF) ensures reliable operation even in extreme weather.
-Keep your hands on the handlebars. Voice-activated pick-up allows hands-free operation.
-Get going! The HBC200 installs in most helmets quickly and easily

General Specifications:
-Talk time: Up to 10 hours
-Standby time: Up to 2 weeks
-Battery type: Rechargeable Li-Po
-Charging time: 2 hours
-Bluetooth design: Version 2.1, class 1 (EDR)
-Design type: Rain and snow resistant
-Operating temperature: -28.9 C (-20 F) to 60 C (140 F)

DSP Algorithm Features:
-Adaptive beam forming technology
-Adaptive noise suppression
-Adaptive echo cancellation
-Intelligent "sweet spot" directed toward speakers voice
-Detected speech signal enhancement
-Environment and background noise cancellation
-Unique wind filtering technique effective up to 238 KM/h

Bluetooth profiles supported:
-Hands-free profile (HFP)
-Headest profile (HSP)
-Advanced audio distribution profile (A2DP)
-Audio/video remote control profile (AVRCP)
-Intercom profile

UClear HBC200 Force Bluetooth Headset
Produced by UClear of Singapore

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