Visual Alert Motorcycle Radar Detector LED

Visual Alert Motorcycle Radar Detector LED
Visual Alert Motorcycle Radar Detector LED
Product Description

Having a Radar Detector on a motorcycle is useless unless it alerts the rider effectively. Relying on the detector's built-in lights and beeps is not enough so riders have tried many different approaches. Some have wired up helmet speakers tethering them to the bike. Others have installed screaming loudspeakers that annoy everyone within earshot. Others have installed expensive remote controlled lights mounted inside their helmets that depend on batteries and complex electronics. All of these methods can be inconvenient, unreliable and not very effective. Installing accessories in your helmet can even be dangerous. The Visual Alert answers all of these concerns.

What it is: The Visual Alert consists of a small black box equipped with ultra-bright red LEDs that flash in concert with the detector's beeps. As the beeps increase in frequency so do the flashes until they become a steady glow as you approach the radar or laser source.

Here's how it works: The Visual Alert plugs directly into the detector's speaker outlet. There are no batteries or complex electronics to wear out or fail. The Visual Alert is powered by the detector's speaker output alone.

Applications: Currently the Visual Alert is being produced for the following:
Beltronics Pro® series, Vector® Series, and STi Driver®.

Mounting: The LEDs have a wide viewing angle which allows the Visual Alert to be mounted conveniently and still be in your line of sight. We have ours sitting on top of our Valentine One® which is mounted to the top of the clutch master cylinder. The Visual Alert comes standard with the face at a 52° angle from the base which helps point it towards your eyes. We can supply the Visual Alert UB with any angle you specify at no extra charge. The Visual Alert can be mounted using hook and loop fastener or super glue for a more permanent fixture. Mounted directly on top of your detector it easily moves from bike to bike. Mount it on the bike itself and your detector moves easily between your bike and car.

Specs: The Visual Alert is machined from solid black polyethylene. The internals are encapsulated in epoxy which makes it extremely weather and shock resistant. It comes wired with a 24" heavy-duty cord and plug as standard.

A note about the plug on the Escort® and BEL® Due to differences in plug tip configuration, the Escort and BEL models come with a straight plug while the Valentine comes a right angle plug. We used to use a right angle plug on the Escort and BEL but had a few comments from owners that the plug had vibrated loose. This isn't a problem on the Valentine since the plug size is different. The new plug locks in place very tightly and won't vibrate out. If your particular application requires a right angle plug please make note of that in the comments area when checking out and we will swap the straight plug for the right angle plug. If you opt for the right angle plug please be aware of the potential of it coming loose and take steps accordingly.

Visual Alert Radar Detector LED
Produced by Marc Parnes Products of USA



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